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We have a proven development approach that combines industry standard methods with methods that we have modified to ensure that we deliver the most accurate, creative working product.

Our approach has been refined continually to address any issues that we have encountered in past projects, therefore helping to streamline our future development process.

Development Process

Our website development approach is based on six phases: conceptual development, page architecture and interface design, html development and content creation, application authoring and programming, quality assurance and testing, and final production.

Conceptual Development

The first phase is Conceptual Development. Initially we focus on gathering the information to build your website and interpreting that into an idea. We also map out the entire project in the same manner a building would be blueprinted.

Page Architecture

The second phase is Page Architecture and Interface Design. This is when we create the prototype design of the website. Once the design is approved we will begin the HTML Development and Content Creation phase.

HTML Development & Content Creation

In the HTML Development and Content Creation phase we will begin to piece together the entire website and build out all of the site pages, all content will be written and/or gathered to be inserted into the site.

Application Authoring & Programming

The next phase is Application Authoring and Programming. Here we will build the dynamic applications and interactive components for the site, including Flash and VR 360º views.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Once the Application Authoring and Programming Phase is complete we move into the Quality Assurance and Testing Phase. During this phase we will test the entire website with multiple browsers and operating systems to ensure that the site operates correctly and efficiently. If problems or bugs are found we mark them to be fixed. Once we complete work on all of the problems/bugs we will test the site again to confirm that the fix works properly and does not break anything else on the site. Also, if required, it is during this phase that we will ensure that all aspects of the website meet today’s compliancy standards. In addition the site will be optimized to address the users who may view the site over slower Internet connections.

Final Production

The final phase of our development approach is the Final Production phase. In this phase we will publish your completed website and confirm that the site is working properly and running efficiently in its production environment.


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