Block over 99% of all Spam, Viruses, and Email Attacks.

Our solution utilizes the industry’s most effective defense-in-depth solution for email security and data loss prevention. This suite of solutions offers the most effective defense from email based threats including spam, viruses, malware, URL filtering, blended threats, spyware, network attacks and data loss prevention.

Multi-Layered Anti-Spam Protection

Our Anti-spam filtering uses multi-layered inspection of inbound traffic for a categorized weighted score, providing adaptive intelligence to the prevention of spam with over 99% accuracy.

Block 98% of Threats & Spam at the Perimeter with a 99.999% Accuracy Rate

We utilize an industry leading reputation authority engine as a powerful first line of defense against unwanted and malicious inbound traffic. ReputationAuthority provides Aggregated Real-Time Intelligence from a proactive network that gathers data from deployed systems to identify malicious senders. Our system is updated in real-time from the aggregated findings and relays to our systems alerts of newly discovered threats to reject future attacks in real-time for intelligent and proactive protection.

This process ensures accurate detection of spam and threats by intelligently and instantly combining hundreds of metrics about an IP before assigning a score with a 98% catch-rate and 99.999% accuracy.

Zero-Hour Threat Outbreak Response

Stop new and emerging threats in their tracks with the fastest zero-hour protection from new and emerging threats. This is possible with Next-generation adaptive identification techniques and behavioral analysis to determine the reputation and risk level of email traffic trying to enter our network. Unique defense-in-depth approach and zero-hour capabilities provide real-time protection from new threats.

Multi-Protocol Spam & Malware Protection

Protects from multi-protocol threats to defend email and web communications vectors from existing and emerging threats. Provides comprehensive protection across multiple protocols.

Powerful Malware Prevention

Prevent viruses, phishing attacks, blended threats, and malicious code infections delivered via email in real time so they never enter your inbox.

Stop Accidental and Malicious Data Loss

Ensure that the content of outgoing email messages is in strict accord with your organization's confidentiality policies using sophisticated, built-in data loss prevention capabilities.

Bundle our Policy-Based Email Encryption for Privacy and Compliance

Securely transmit and receive private and sensitive information with a SecureMail Email Encryption subscription and beat the high cost associated with most encryption technologies. Visit our CPI SecureMail (LINK TO CPI SECUREMAIL PAGE) page for details on email encryption. CPI SecureMail bundled with our Email Security Suite of products gives you the ultimate protection and allows advanced configurations to conduct Policy-based encrytion based on content of an outgoing email message. Until now this technology was only available for Enterprise level organizations at very high costs.


CPI Managed Firewalls
CPI Managed Firewall Service

Small businesses need big security, too. CPI Managed Firewalls deliver performance-driven security to small business and remote sites that need strong protection without the hefty price tag. Read More »

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