Virtual Server Hosting or Private Cloud is the ultimate choice for hosting, giving you complete flexibility and allowing easy expansion as you grow.

We are experts in server virtualization and have been providing Virtual Server hosting for many clients since 2008.

Virtual Hosting (today considered private cloud) gives you incredible control and allows you to have a private server environment in the cloud. This allows your company to better adapt to dynamically to traffic changes and workload needs for your website. In addition it optimizes costs, giving you the power of a dedicated server at a lower cost.

All of our Virtual Hosting options include Private Cloud Managed support, meaning our staff monitors your server in our Network Operations Center and maintains your server daily.

  • Full Operating system support
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Management of Software licenses and hardware
  • Virtual Machine provisioning
  • Design and configuration assistance of your virtual environment
  • Management of system backups
  • Anti-Virus management for hosted Windows VM’s

If your Private Cloud solution requires a firewall we can also bundle a virtual firewall as part of your overall Private Cloud solution.


CPI Managed Firewalls
CPI Managed Firewall Service

Small businesses need big security, too. CPI Managed Firewalls deliver performance-driven security to small business and remote sites that need strong protection without the hefty price tag. Read More »

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